Butcher Bach

It´s a beefy family business

Meat and sausages of highest quality

For Ralph Bach, only the very best quality for his meat and sausages is good enough.

Animals and products from the region are purchased, ensuring highest quality standards and short transportation route for the animals. After all, only the best meat will make premium quality products.




Homemade with Tradition

The entire sausage and ham range is homemade and manufactured in accordance with „tried and tested“ trade recipes of the very highest quality.

The Bach family does not use any artificial flavour enhancers like glutamate. Care is taken that all essential minerals and trace elements are preserved, enhancing the special flavour of the individual sausage and ham specialities.

Salami is made in the traditional natural ripening method without the usual fast ripening proccess. Clean workmanship is practiced at Bach´s, a well-schooled team helps to guarantee best quality.

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