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Weingut Kloster Eberbach
Kloster Eberbach
65346 Eltville

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The wine estate Kloster Eberbach, founded in 1136 by Holy Bernhard of Clairvaux, has written wine history, as a result of its incessant strive for quality. As a result, it became the largest German wine estate already many centuries ago. As successor of the previous Cistercian monastery, the VDP wine estate can look back on almost 900 years of wine making history.  A tradition which obliges and which results in exceptional and excellent wines up to the present thanks to best sites in the Rheingau and Bergstraße.

A special experience is a tour through the Steinberg cellar which is regarded as one of the most modern cellars of Europe. With this offer we would like to “tempt” you to come and visit us in the Rheingau of Bergstraße. We welcome you in our wine shops and wine bars. Please find more info under

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