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Weingut J. Neus
Bahnhofstraße 96
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

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J. Neus wine estate was founded in 1881 by Josef Neus Senior in the town of Ingelheim which already in those days was famous for its red wine. In 2012, entrepreneurial family Schmitz from Mainz, took over the management. When German wine production was at its peak, Josef Neus Senior built a unique stately manor which captivates every visitor.

For centuries, the buildings and interior have maintained their beautiful appeal. The estate´s red wines are matured in Rhinehessen´s largest vaulted cellar which was built in the 19th century right underneath the manor house. Traditional wooden barrels of 1000 litres capacity, custom made for the wine estate, are used. The oldest barrels, dating back to 1893 and 1897 have been in use continually since their acquisition up to today.

This is the basis for the estate´s  team under manager Lewis Schmitt and cellar master Julien Meissner to reinstate the excellent reputation of Ingelheim Pinot Noir.

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