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Don´t give me stories – get out and live your own stories! Eva Vollmer – here you get WINE since 2007. And you´ll look in vain for any steeped in history generation monster at this 11 hectare large wine estate near Mainz. Instead, you´ll get a fast and furious short story in 6 chapters:

1. Bye bye co-op and dropping off grapes – we want bottled wine!

2. Putting eggs in 2 baskets: organic wine and uncompromising quality

3. “discovery of the year” in the famous Gault Millau wine guide for the second vintage

4. Getting her PhD after work

5. Pressing a lot of grapes and 2 potential wine makers in the process

6. digging, building, gardening and sweating to exhaustion: her wine shop and tasting room “Kostbar” and the beautiful one hectare garden are a showstopper… and the corresponding wines are more than drinkable.

But before you can drink the wine you read in 140 characters on the label the wine maker´s thoughts on the wine. Eva twitters on wine labels, so to speak, creating salivation stimulating, cheeky, funky and amusing quotes. On the Pinot Blanc label: “Suddenly fell into this wine and didn’t get out anymore. A cheeky pear is holding me hostage. Hope no-one comes to my rescue”

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